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Seth Godin’s Latest Blog

A broken clock is worse than no clock at all. Seth Godin says in a few words what most of us have trouble stating in a few paragraphs. If your company uses a scorecard or measurement system that isn't transparent … Continue reading

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Peter Drucker’s Advice: Don’t Solve Problems – Pursue Opportunities

How do you spend your day? Professor, writer, and business consultant Peter Drucker, spent over 60 years advising some of the world's leading executives. Drucker identified eight practices of effective executives. One of them was: “They were focused on opportunities … Continue reading

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Why sales contests don’t work.

Legend has it that Medieval England’s King John once stated, “If I bestow Knighthood on one of my Lords, one man becomes a faithful follower, and one hundred Lords would put a dagger in my back.” Similarly, sales contests too … Continue reading

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When cost cutting backfires.

An article by James Surowiecki in this week’s New Yorker Magazine highlights the problems with excessive cost-cutting by retailers. In the drive to keep labor costs low evidence shows that retailers often hire too few salespeople and pay them too … Continue reading

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