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It’s A Beautiful Day…Leave Us All Enjoy It!

Words of Wisdom from One-Eyed Jack This morning I was enjoying my morning coffee. It was a typical cool November morning in Arizona with all the promises of a mid-seventies afternoon. I thought to myself. “It's a beautiful day in … Continue reading

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What Happens with a Minimum Wage Increase?

Is it time to raise the minimum wage? Federal workers are getting an increase in the minimum wage from the 2009 minimum of $7.25/hr up to the new minimum wage for Federal employees of $10.10/hr. Is a national increase in … Continue reading

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Pink Slime and Politics

“Words, words, mere words” wrote Shakespeare, but using just the right words makes all the difference in how we view the world around us. If we want to buy extra lean ground beef to feed our families, we might choose … Continue reading

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