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Management Advice

Peter Drucker’s Wisdom As I review my previous blogs, a brief blog referring to one of Peter Drucker’s famous quotes shows up in my top 10 blogs, no matter how I seem to sort them. It’s at least partly because … Continue reading

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Apple had a good day, but I miss Steve Jobs

Fall 2013 Apple Launch 10/22/2013 – Apple launched the new iPad Air. Faster, lighter, and thinner than previous versions. Rather than designate this iPad 5, they chose to name it after the thin Macbook Air laptop. Along with the iPad … Continue reading

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Must Read for anybody who deals with customers

Seth Godin's Oct. 20th blog. Marketing Guru Seth Godin has one of my favorite blogs. His Blog on Oct. 20th titled The Complaining Customer Doesn't Want a Refund is a classic. Big companies are so bogged down in process that … Continue reading

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How U.S. Appliance Firms Expanded into Europe

American Appliance Firms Invade Europe A Tale of Two Companies – Whirlpool and Maytag In my last blog I wrote about the European appliance companies move to the lucrative U.S. market: How European Appliance Brands Started in the U.S. Now, … Continue reading

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3 Appliance Hits

Three Major Appliance Winners In an earlier blog I wrote about three major appliance flops: the Whirlpool Polara Range, the Maytag Drying Cabinet, and the Jenn-Air Accellis 5XP speed cooking microwave. Now it's time to look at three really successful … Continue reading

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3 Big Appliance Flops

Three Appliance Industry Epic Fails During a career in the major appliance industry I've witnessed the introduction and growth of many great new products such as microwave ovens, convection ovens, induction cooktops, steam washers and dryers, french door refrigerators, and … Continue reading

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Delivering the Customer Experience

Win the Online Shopping Battle 4 Ways to Compete against Internet Appliance Sellers (and others) A 1999 book The Experience Economy by Joseph Pine and James Gilmore has become a handbook for winning customers for life by marketing experiences. Their … Continue reading

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Business Best Practice for 2013

Be Remarkable in the New Year Purple Cows and Chairs Early last year I wrote a brief blog, Be Better – Be Different. Yesterday, while preparing some book recommendations for the New Year, I stumbled across the book Purple Cow … Continue reading

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Peter Drucker on Inbound Marketing

Is Inbound Marketing an old idea? In 1999 Seth Godin published the book, Permission Marketing proposing that marketers change from traditional print, TV, and direct mail advertising that Godin refers to as “interruption marketing” to permission marketing. In permission marketing … Continue reading

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Is your internet marketing strategy headed for trouble?

The New Internet Marketing Mantra Quit looking for customers. Make it easy for customers to find you. We've heard it all before, dismissed it, and gone on doing the same things we've been doing, only with more enthusiasm. This time … Continue reading

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