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Carving a Turkey

Choose your Turkey Carving Method or How I Learned to Carve a Turkey on YouTube. I have spent several Thanksgivings struggling with big birds, trying to teach myself everything I never wanted to know about carving a turkey. Eventually, I … Continue reading

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Turkey Time

Let's Talk Turkey Upside-Down Turkey that is Face it! Cooking a whole bird can be challenging. Even Julia Child chopped her turkeys (and other fowl) into pieces for cooking. When you cook it whole, to get the dark meat fully … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Today’s Appliances

A Brief History of Appliances (part 1) Early Double Oven This oven was reportedly still being used in Taos, New Mexico just a few years ago. Chicago World’s Fair 1893 While it’s impossible to give an exact date for the … Continue reading

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