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Reasons to buy a new iPhone 6

Why I bought an iPhone 6 Considering an iPhone 6? There are some good reasons to buy this pricey phone, and some reasons that are more involved with ego and prestige. Here’s why I bought mine: For the great camera. … Continue reading

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Apple had a good day, but I miss Steve Jobs

Fall 2013 Apple Launch 10/22/2013 – Apple launched the new iPad Air. Faster, lighter, and thinner than previous versions. Rather than designate this iPad 5, they chose to name it after the thin Macbook Air laptop. Along with the iPad … Continue reading

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5 iPad apps to help train your sales team

iPad Apps in Sales Training The popularity of the iPad tablet, and its unique capabilities make it an ideal tool for training. Here are five apps that can be useful in boosting your training efforts. Explain Everything Morris Cooke designed … Continue reading

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Apple vs. Samsung: What’s an Idea Worth?

  U.S. Jury Awards Apple $1.05 Billion in Suit against Samsung The Jury didn't award Apple over a billion dollars in its suit against Samsung because Apple discovered a new technology. Phones that play songs were not new. Phones that … Continue reading

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Why JCPenney’s new business strategy is failing

JCPenney recently announced a bold new everyday low pricing strategy, greatly reducing the number of sales events and specials in its stores. They heavily promoted their new approach as a more rational business model and a better deal for the … Continue reading

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High Tech Winners and Losers

A few decades ago two guys got together in what we now call Silicon Valley and started a company in a garage. Of course, you know the rest of the story. The company became famous for its innovation, the founders … Continue reading

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Instagram vs Kodak

In Sunday’s NYT Nick Bilton wrote a stimulating piece comparing Instagram, a social media photo sharing app that was just sold to Facebook for $1 billion, to the long forgotten Polariod and recently bankrupt Kodak. How was a 13 employee … Continue reading

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