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U.S. Appliance Manufacturer Selling Out

Giant appliance company gets bigger General Electric, the company that invented the electric toaster back in 1909, is now the second largest manufacturer of major appliances in the U.S. GE recently announced the sale of its appliance division to another … Continue reading

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Airline Merger Final – A Bad Day for Flyers

A bad day for flyers and it’s not the weather. Dec. 9, 2013 – The US Airways merger (takeover) with¬†American Airlines was completed today. This ushers in an era of fewer flights, higher prices, more delays, and in short more … Continue reading

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Feds Sue US Airways

US Airways – American Airlines Merger On the Rocks Blocking the Merger is a Good Deal for Flyers US Airways bid to acquire (merge with) American Airlines has been stalled by a surprise Justice Department lawsuit. Bill Baer, head of … Continue reading

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Airline Merger – A Bad Deal

Higher Prices and More Bad Service Make no mistake about it. This may be a good deal for US Airways, but it's a bad deal all around for the flying public. I've been reading what the “experts” have to say, … Continue reading

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Another Bad Merger Idea

US Airways is seeking a takeover of bankrupt American Airlines. This is not just a bad deal for US Airways, but further airline consolidation is bad for the flying public. Less competition means fewer choices, fewer flights, and higher prices. … Continue reading

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