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Airline Merger Final – A Bad Day for Flyers

A bad day for flyers and it’s not the weather. Dec. 9, 2013 – The US Airways merger (takeover) with¬†American Airlines was completed today. This ushers in an era of fewer flights, higher prices, more delays, and in short more … Continue reading

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Drones and Taxes at

Big News for Amazon isn't Delivered by Drone's recent announcement that it is working on a long-range plan to deliver packages by drone was upstaged Monday by the Supreme Court. In this instance, the court did not deliver a … Continue reading

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Apple had a good day, but I miss Steve Jobs

Fall 2013 Apple Launch 10/22/2013 – Apple launched the new iPad Air. Faster, lighter, and thinner than previous versions. Rather than designate this iPad 5, they chose to name it after the thin Macbook Air laptop. Along with the iPad … Continue reading

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Must Read for anybody who deals with customers

Seth Godin's Oct. 20th blog. Marketing Guru Seth Godin has one of my favorite blogs. His Blog on Oct. 20th titled The Complaining Customer Doesn't Want a Refund is a classic. Big companies are so bogged down in process that … Continue reading

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Feds Sue US Airways

US Airways – American Airlines Merger On the Rocks Blocking the Merger is a Good Deal for Flyers US Airways bid to acquire (merge with) American Airlines has been stalled by a surprise Justice Department lawsuit. Bill Baer, head of … Continue reading

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Amazon Locker – 1 More Nail in the Coffin or… Can Brick and Mortar Retailers Fight Back? I'd heard of's Lockers some months ago, but never seen one until a couple of weeks ago. While vacationing in London near … Continue reading

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Learning from the Miracle on the Hudson

Leadership Lessons author’s note: Before I opened the WordPress Blog Insights-2-Ignite, I had posted a few blogs on a blog platform called Posterous. Now Posterous is closing so I’ve redeemed this blog from my archives (Jan. 2012) and re-posted it … Continue reading

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KBIS is Dead. Long Live KBIS.

KBIS2013 is over. NKBA is changing the format by “co-locating” the 2014 KBIS with IBS (Int’l Builder Show) in Las Vegas. Will the NEW KBIS attract the industry support needed to bring back the glory days? Read the review from 2013 and decide for yourself. Continue reading

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Where JC Penney Went Wrong

Faulty Pricing Strategy Cost JC Penney Billions Former JC Penney CEO, Ron Johnson, implemented massive changes at JC Penney since taking over the helm in November 2011. But the change that led loyal customers to abandon JC Penney in droves … Continue reading

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6 Popular Posts from the Archives

Click to Read the Blog Post: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Appliance Salespeople (July 21, 2012) 7 Ways to Fight Online Retailers (Feb. 6, 2013) Peter Drucker’s Advice: Don’t Solve Problems – Pursue Opportunities (Sept. 12, 2012) Lessons for … Continue reading

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