My New Blog: I’m back!

It’s been a few years since I’ve blogged on this site. Now, I’m back! What brings me here is Facebook. I believe that Facebook is often not the best venue for posting thoughtful comments, to take a political stand, or to express a strongly held opinion.

From now on, when I have the urge to blast out my dislike for Trump, to express other political viewpoints, or to speak out on any other topic that might take more than a few words to express; you’ll find me here.

My plan is to post a link to these blog posts on Facebook. Anybody, who wants to see what I have to say can click on the link to be directed here. Others can just move on to the latest Facebook photo of my dog, AZ weather report, family news/photos, vacation plans, and other common Facebook comments.



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1 Response to My New Blog: I’m back!

  1. margie rambin stites says:

    good to see you are out there again

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