Choosing Among Different Types of Washing Machines

Top Loading Agitator Washer

Top load agitator washers are traditional washers that your mom and grandma used. This design is still a popular choice for many. The center post agitator rotates back and forth swishing the water through the clothes and the clothes through the water. Advantages are that they generally cost less than an equivalent newer style HE (high efficiency) washer or front loading washer. The disadvantages to top load washers are that they use more water and detergent, and are tougher on your clothes.

Top Loading HE Washer







These washers do not have a high post agitator. Instead, there is an impeller plate at the bottom of the tub that gently moves and lifts the clothes through the water. These machines use far less water and detergent than agitator-type washers, and are better for your clothes. HE washers are more expensive than the equivalent agitator type washers. They are better for the environment since there is less dirty water and detergent to dispose of for each load. HE top loaders take more time to wash your clothes than traditional agitator style washing machines.

Front Loading Washer

Choosing a front load washer is often the most expensive option initially, but can be the best choice in the long run.  Front loaders use the least amount of water and detergent, do a great job of getting clothes clean, and at the same time are easy on your clothes. In addition, the tumble action during the final rinse removes a great deal of the water and shortens dry time. Some users don’t like the fact that clothes can come out of the washer wadded up.

Another advantage of front load laundry equipment is that they can be stacked, saving a lot of space in a crowded laundry room. 

Other Options

If space is really critical, you could purchase a single cavity washer/dryer, or a laundry center – a single unit with dryer stacked on top of the washer. 








As always, you should consult with the experts at Arizona Wholesale for the option that suits you best. 


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