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Employee Dress and Appearance at Starbucks

Tattoos OK…Jewelry Not So Much There’s been so much blather on social media about the recently announced Starbucks’ Dress Code, I wanted to see for myself what this dress code actually says. I looked it up, and I’ve attached the … Continue reading

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Management Advice

Peter Drucker’s Wisdom As I review my previous blogs, a brief blog referring to one of Peter Drucker’s famous quotes shows up in my top 10 blogs, no matter how I seem to sort them. It’s at least partly because … Continue reading

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What do you want in an insurance policy?

Need Insurance? Get these provisions on your new policy. Ask your agent to make sure that any insurance policy he offers you has these provisions. Do you think they are reasonable requests? -Your children can remain on your policy up … Continue reading

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Best Tripod Mount for your SmartPhone and More

Shoulderpod S1 In the last year or so I've been doing some event photography, and short YouTube videos using my iPhone 4S. I used an adapter called a Glif to connect my iPhone 4S to a tripod. There were other … Continue reading

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Your New iPhone 6 Needs Some Accessories

Top iPhone 6 accessories 3 iPhone 6 Accessories You’ll Need Very Soon After spending way too much money on a new iPhone, I decided that it was important to spend more money to protect it, and even a bit more … Continue reading

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Apps for your New iPhone 6

5 Apps worth getting for your iPhone 6 Here are 5 apps that come highly rated for use with the iPhone 6. They’re not new apps, but they’ve all been updated to take advantage of the IOS8 operating system as … Continue reading

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Reasons to buy a new iPhone 6

Why I bought an iPhone 6 Considering an iPhone 6? There are some good reasons to buy this pricey phone, and some reasons that are more involved with ego and prestige. Here’s why I bought mine: For the great camera. … Continue reading

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Small Business Marketing

Guerrilla Marketing I was doing some research today, and I came across the name of Jay Conrad Levinson, the author of the book Guerilla Marketing (1984), and the founder of the Guerilla Marketing movement. Unfortunately, Mr. Levinson, died in 2013. … Continue reading

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Connected Appliances

What's new in Appliance Home Automation For years, I've been following various new appliances that are promoted as being equipped with revolutionary and automatic features that enable us to operate our appliances from a distance. Here's how one company has … Continue reading

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Turkey Time

Let's Talk Turkey Upside-Down Turkey that is Face it! Cooking a whole bird can be challenging. Even Julia Child chopped her turkeys (and other fowl) into pieces for cooking. When you cook it whole, to get the dark meat fully … Continue reading

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