Operating Appliances by Remote Control

A practical idea or ahead of its time?

Are connected appliances for you?

I’ll admit it. I’m an early adopter when in comes to technology. Also, having 30 plus years experience in the appliance business, I still follow and write about appliance industry trends. But, when it comes to high technology “connected” appliances, I’ve not been a fan.

But now, they are beginning to gain traction. On the high end, both Dacor and Viking are beginning to test the waters with appliances that are operated by smartphones. Recently, GE introduced a wall oven controlled by it’s Brillon mobile app, and now it’s available in a more economical range line.


GE Range

They’ve also begun to incorporate some common-sense safety features into remotely operated appliances. Nevertheless, “connected” appliances all seem to come at a premium that can’t be justified just for a remote feature.

However, the iDevice Kitchen Thermometer provides a useful function, looks very promising, and retails for less than $80.00. Here’s what they say about their device:


iDevice Kitchen Thermometer

The iDevice Kitchen Thermometer

A Bluetooth Smart enabled cooking thermometer designed specifically for indoor use. The beautifully designed device magnetically mounts to your oven or stove and will transfer the real-time temperature of whatever your cooking right to your free iDevices Connected app available in the App Store℠ and Google Play™ Store. The thermometer has two probes, a display with proximity wake-up, magnetic mounting and two probe wraps that conveniently clip together and mount to the back of your device. This is the cooking essential to creating the perfect meal.

iDevices Kitchen Thermometer Specs

  • 150′ Bluetooth Smart Range
  • Dual Probe Capability
  • 200 Hour Battery Life
  • Illuminated Display with Proximity Wake-Up
  • Magnetic Mounting

Worth a look!

*Disclaimer: I don’t own this device. I’ve no connection to this company, and I’ve not been requested or paid to write anything about it.


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