It’s A Beautiful Day…Leave Us All Enjoy It!

Words of Wisdom from One-Eyed Jack

This morning I was enjoying my morning coffee. It was a typical cool November morning in Arizona with all the promises of a mid-seventies afternoon. I thought to myself. “It's a beautiful day in Arizona”…and the words “leave us all enjoy it.” immediately followed. I was SHOCKED. I don't speak in that way or even think with that syntax. How did this happen?

When I first came to Arizona in 1970, the Governor of Arizona was an amiable fellow, Jack Williams, who was sometimes referred to as One-Eyed Jack. He'd had lost vision in one eye as a child, and wore glasses with one lens frosted over.

Jack William's career (outside of politics) had been in radio. Even as Governor, he maintained his noontime homespun radio show which he always ended with the phrase, “It's a beautiful day in Arizona. Leave us all enjoy it!”


Gov. Jack Williams

I never thought much of Williams either as a politician or as a radio personality, but he seemed amiable enough. Of course, these days with all the polarization in our politics, we fly right by amiable to hostile once we find out whether or not someone's political leanings are the least bit to the right or left of ours. Sad. Oh well…

It's a beautiful day in Arizona. Leave us all enjoy it.


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