Why Make A Paper List

Do you make lists?

Here are some paperless options.

I'm working on going paperless. One of the outcomes of going paperless is getting rid of paper notebooks such as Moleskines that serve as a repository for a variety of lists: shopping lists, to do lists, books to read, etc. Does that mean I don't make lists? Of course not, but mostly they're just not paper lists. They're electronic lists that go on my iPhone, iPad, and/or Macbook Pro. Here are some tools that can work as substitutes for pen and pad:

1. Wunderlist. Everybody loves Wunderlist. Me too! Easy to use. Very intuitive. Good for keeping multiple lists. Works on nearly every mobile platform, and a web-based version for your desktop. It's Free. Did I say Free? Yes.

2. Clear. This is such a cool app. It is very cleverly designed, and actually fun to use. It was a great replacement for Remember the Milk – maybe the first of the basic electronic todo lists. BUT…how many to do lists do you need? I cut both these apps because Wunderlist is a great to do list, it handles basic to dos just as Clear and RTM, but it is also super powerful and goes beyond the basics.

3. DayOne. I think most people probably use DayOne as a journaling tool, and that's what it is designed for, but it is also a great place just to hold info, make lists, keep notes. I often use it if I want to write something to refer back to later, sort of a place holder.

4. Trello is a great project/task manager. Works perfectly with iPad for dragging and dropping tasks from one place in the process to another. Great for visualizing workflows, responsibilities, etc., and for making lists!

5. Evernote I saved for last. It is such a hard program to explain because everyone seems to use it differently.

It's probably my very favorite app because it does so much. Evernote is very good at a lot of things, but the best at very few. So, I wind up using Evernote and make the tradeoff. It's so worth it because of the value of keeping (almost) everything in Evernote.

All said, there are a ton of electronic list substitutes for keeping lists. That may be the problem. Pen and paper versus 100 different apps. I prefer the electronic solution, but i keep paper and pen handy just in case.


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