Beverage Dispensers for the Home

We've Come a Long Way Baby

From Maytag's Skybox to the Dacor Wine Station

Launched somewhere around 2003-2004, the Maytag Skybox home beverage dispenser could dispense either bottles or cans. With a distinct sports theme (you could order panels for your favorite team), the Skybox was great for a basement or rec room. MSRP priced at $499 (most sold for less), this product was all about fun and whimsey. However, the Skybox was mostly plastic, made in China, and not what you'd describe as fitting the durable, premium image of the Maytag brand.


Maytag Skybox

It had a short life, but then Maytag itself didn't have a long life left, being sold to Whirlpool in 2005. Now let's fast forward to 2014 and the Dacor Discovery WineStation®.

Elegant, luxurious, and built for the true wine connoisseur –


Dacor Discovery WineStation

The Discovery WineStation® is the first automated, temperature-contolled, four-bottle wine dispensing and preservation system for the home.

Unlike the Skybox, The WineStation® is a serious product for serious wine lovers, and it carries a serious price of $5299. It's also not likely you'll find this on sale at the big box or home improvement stores, but just like the Skybox, the WineStation® is definitely an attention getter and a conversation starter.

As a commentator and observer of macro-trends in the appliance industry, it's great to take a step away from serious and often distressing appliance news to take a look at fun and interesting products such as the Maytag Skybox and Dacor WineStation®. Can you think of any unique appliance products that made you curious or put a smile on your face?


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