GE Attempt at Deception Doesn’t Fool Anyone

Shocking Overstatement by GE in Leading Trade Magazine


The Nov. 2014 Retail Observer has a two-page GE ad/editorial pronouncing-

“GE Appliances is committed as ever to serving our customers and helping them grow their business.”

They must be kidding. GE is selling its appliance business to Electrolux. Of course, they’re not kidding and that makes the offense even larger. As you might expect, those clever PR folks were careful to cover their bottoms. They don’t actually say that GE is committed to serving their customers, do they? No, they say GE Appliances. You see, GE is not committed to serving its appliance customers because GE is SELLING GE Appliances, so it’s safe to say that GE Appliances not GE is the entity committed to the business. BUT, GE Appliances will be owned by Electrolux Appliances, a Swedish firm. Oh, how we can twist words. How about some honesty?

This is a BAD deal for GE dealers. It’s a BAD deal for GE employees, and one could easily argue that it’s also a BAD deal for a lot of U.S. employees of Electrolux. More importantly, it’s a really bad deal for the U.S. appliance industry and American consumers. I’ve written about monopolistic practices before, and even the Electrolux takeover of GE Appliances. See below:


I have to say that I was particularly offended by the second page of the ad with a headline saying “THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING AMERICAN JOBS.” GE and Electrolux have not addressed the question of which factories will be closed and how many jobs will be lost. Anybody who has been around this industry and witnessed these takeovers knows that they never result in new factories or increased jobs. Sad about the sale of GE Appliances, but much sadder about this really pathetic deceit. Shame on you, GE.


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