An Old Appliance Name: Chambers

Chambers Ranges and the Famous Daisy Burner


Chambers Cooktop

This is a real blast from the past. I don’t remember much about Chambers Ranges and cooktops. They were purchased by KitchenAid back in the mid-1980’s. (At the time KitchenAid brand was part of Hobart. Later Whirlpool purchased KitchenAid).

Chambers had some unique and distinctive features and a price point that definitely put it in the premium brand category for ranges. Of course, back in the 1980’s, brands weren’t segmented as they are today.

The Daisy Burner


Chambers Daisy Burners

Chambers had a funky pop-up griddle/broiler feature, a thermostatic cooktop control that was called “a burner with a brain”, a deep well burner with a sunken pot, and the famous daisy burner. The daisy burner was adopted by KitchenAid and continued to be used on some KitchenAid cooktops long after the demise of the Chambers brand.

The daisy burner was impressive. It consisted of 4 or 5 small burners arranged in a circle. Each small burner was not any bigger in circumference than a quarter and had maybe 12-15 individual burner ports. I’ve read that it produced about 12,000 btus which was enormous back in those days.

Among the antique brands that are being sold on the internet today, a restored Chambers range can fetch a handsome price.


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4 Responses to An Old Appliance Name: Chambers

  1. Roberta haft says:

    I am looking for a replacement gasket & burner tubing for my Chambers stove Model # GSU 42-E-2 Serial # C 246771. Do you have one or can you recommend a company that carries it?

  2. Deborah Bigenho says:

    I am looking for the pot that goes into the well. Help.

    • Art Johnson says:

      This is a product that hasn’t been made in ??? 40 years?
      1. I’d look for someone who handles vintage appliances.
      2. Consider purchasing a pot and adapting it.
      3. If that doesn’t work, think of going to someone who works with metal fabrication, and have one made.

  3. Jack says:

    Hi.. Any suggestions for a Replacement burner valve for the front left small burner on my 1986 Kitchen Aid Chambers daisy burner with LP gas? The left knob doesn’t turn.. Stuck position.. Thanks for any leads Jack..

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