What do you want in an insurance policy?

Need Insurance? Get these provisions on your new policy.

Ask your agent to make sure that any insurance policy he offers you has these provisions. Do you think they are reasonable requests?

-Your children can remain on your policy up to age 26.
-There are no lifetime limits on total payout.
-Any appeal to a denied claim will be handled by a third party (instead of the insurance provider itself).

Issue of the policy is guarenteed. You cannot be refused.

-No pre-existing condition riders can be applied
-You cannot be rated (i.e. charged more)
-Your policy cannot include exclusion riders
-80% of premium charges will go to actual services, not administrative costs or profits.

-Key preventative care is covered at 100%

– immunization/flu shots
– blood pressure/cholesterol screening
– mammograms/colonoscopies
– type II diabetes screening
– Obesity Screening and counseling
– Tobacco use screening

Any policy your insurance agent recommends is sure to comply to these requests. It's the law!

By now you've probably guessed that these are key provisions of The Affordable Care Act (ACA), otherwise known as ObamaCare. An OVERWHELMING majority of Americans favor these ACA provisions, even though they rail at the bogeyman of ObamaCare. As much as America voted Republican over Democrat candidates in the off-year 2014 election, the repeal of the ACA is unlikely. The new Congress will not fall on their sword over this law, because its specific provisions are so popular.

So we don't like the Affordable Care Act, but we like its provisions. Similarly, we oppose an omnibus immigration reform law, but the American public is in favor of most of the reforms if presented to us individually. Go figure. My personal view is that we're pretty much decent folk, and favor what's sensible and fair. But we get our ire up and look for something or someone to blame when our govenment is intractable and unable to govern as it is now.


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