Best Tripod Mount for your SmartPhone and More

Shoulderpod S1

In the last year or so I've been doing some event photography, and short YouTube videos using my iPhone 4S. I used an adapter called a Glif to connect my iPhone 4S to a tripod. There were other adapters, but the Glif had a very simple, yet clever design.

Now, I've upgraded to an iPhone 6, and my Glif won't fit. There's a new Glif, but after doing my research I settled on the Shoulderpod S1. It's similar to the Glif, with a simple design, but it offers much more:


The S1 is a hefty device that grips the camera firmly and safely. With a universal (1/4″-20) tripod mount you can attach your iPhone to a huge selection of tripods from the small desktop versions, to the flexible gorillapods, to a full-size tripod. If this were all the device did, then this would surely put it at or near the top of my tripod adapter list. But wait…There's more!! 🙂


The ShoulderPod S1 has an added grip that screws into the tripod mount, along with a wrist strap, that makes the S1 a steady grip for still photos, as well an incredible aid for filming. Imagine the ease and smoothness of pans, and the extra stabilization for zooms. This is a simple, but powerful tripod holder/grip for improving photos and filmmaking with your iPhone 6 or other camera-equipped phone.


As an added bonus, the ShoulderPod S1 serves as a stand for the phone. Handy, but not really a big deal or a reason to buy the S1. Not until you figure out that as a stand, the S1 also serves as a desktop tripod on its own. A tripod when you don't have a tripod? Cool.

S1 is Universal

I may not have made this clear, but the ShoulderPod S1 works with the iPhone 6, the iPhone 6 Plus, and most other cell phones out there with a case or without a case. Naturally, you'll want to check dimensions for yourself, but it's most likely to fit your device. Upon second thought, if you don't have a camera on your phone…well, if you don't have a camera on your phone you need a new phone. Then get yourself a ShoulderPod S1. You can order online from the manufacturer or through


Coming soon. Video demo on the ShoulderPod S1


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