Reasons to buy a new iPhone 6

Why I bought an iPhone 6



Considering an iPhone 6? There are some good reasons to buy this pricey phone, and some reasons that are more involved with ego and prestige. Here’s why I bought mine:

  1. For the great camera. I had an iPhone 4S, and I’d been doing quite a bit of work with the 4S camera. Good phone and good camera, but…the iPhone 6 has a kickass camera. It has stunning picture quality and a host of added features that are not on the 4S. Now, I do agree that there are other smartphones available that have excellent cameras too, so read on.
  2. It’s big! I didn’t even get the iPhone 6S. The 6S is Huge, but my old 4S was tiny. It was small even when it came out. So it’s a big leap. I upgraded 2 sizes in the Apple world, and still didn’t get the 6S. But, iPhone 6 makes a big difference to these weak old eyes and pudgy fingers. Of course, the iPhone 6 comes with more pixels and a sharper display, too.

For these 2 reasons and a host of other improvements from 4S to 5 to 5S to 6, I think I can make a very good case for a new phone, but WHY must the new phone be an iPhone? Well, you are already figuring this out aren’t you? I’m one of those Apple devotees. Guilty! But let’s think about that a minute. Suppose you have an iPhone and you have an iPad and you have a MacBook Pro or an iMac. You’d have a tough time abandoning the iPhone without good reason. Just think of all those apps that work the same on all platforms.

And now, it’s just downright crazy to switch. If you live in the Apple ecosystem you’ve got the IOS operating system for your iPhone and your iPad, and the new Yosemite OS X operating system for your MacBook Pro or iMac. Apple calls it Continuity. That means having Airplay, AirDrop, iCloud, Handoff, and all those cool phone and SMS sharing features all working together across your various devices.


iPhone on Mac OS X

With your iPhone nearby, you can answer your phone from your iMac or MacBook Pro. Send SMS messages from your OS X device. Or drop a photo from your iPhone to your desktop.


Using Handoff you can start an email on your iPad and finish it on your MacBook Pro. And iCloud can save everything from any platform.


With the right provider you can use Instant Hotspot that uses your iPhone as a hotspot to keep your iPad or Mac online when cellular isn’t available.


To top this off, using AirDrop you can easily share files, photos, etc. with other nearby Macs, iPhones, or iPads.


Set up iCloud everywhere and your files and photos are available no matter which device you are using. You can set up your preferences so that iCloud can automatically download certain file types such as photos, or music. We’ve had iCloud for some time, but now it’s more powerful than ever before and cheaper.

These are just highlights. There’s more, such as using your iPhone as a remote control, while your Macbook Pro is running a slide show that is simultaneously being projected on a big screen TV. So by now, you might be able to see how Apple, for better or for worse, makes a compelling case for Apple users to stick with the brand.

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