Snow in the Desert

The Traditions Golf Tournament Snowed-Out in Valley of the Sun

A Memorable Golf Tournament That Golf Wants to Forget

The Tradition (officially the Regions Traditon) Golf Tournament is one of 5 major tournaments in the Senior PGA Tour. The Tradition was played on the Cochise course at Desert Mountain in north Scottsdale from 1989-2001.

In 1998, I had the privilege of attending the event, viewing the golf from a tent fronting on the 17th hole. GE Appliances had a sponsorship that included hosting guests in their own tent. Since I was working for a GE Appliance distributor at the time, I had a number of key home builders attending the event, and even got one of them an invitation to play in the pro-am. Unfortunately, it snowed…yes SNOWED on the golf course that Wednesday. My guest wanted to play, but said he'd left his snow shoes at home. We're talking several inches of snow covering the course. Thursday came along and it wasn't much better. Opening day was cancelled

Though it was still freezing, the course was mostly cleared on Friday and the course was playable. I had a number of guests show up. Some left quickly. Nevertheless, It was great to see the golf legends dressed in their cold weather attire playing golf in Scottsdale. The sun was shining despite the cold. Saturday too was cold, and snowless, but another storm blew in and Sunday's golf was again cancelled.

Graham Marsh, the 54 hole leader, was declared winner of the first professional golf tournament (that I'm aware of) shortened to 54 holes due to snow – IN SCOTTSDALE, AZ. The Tradition Golf Tournament was moved from Scottsdale in 2001.

This year, I attended the Charles Schwab Cup on Thursday Oct. 30th at that very same Cochise Desert Mountain golf course. The day was beautiful, temperature in the 80's. All four rounds were played and four holes more! Tom Pernice, Jr. birdied the 18th on the fourth playoff hole to beat Jay Haas.

As unique an experience as golfing in the snow is, I must say I enjoyed watching golf much more when it was 80 degrees than I did when it was 20 degrees.


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