Living by the rules.

What it means to be age-restricted.

We recently moved to a new neighborhood. Our previous home was in an area mostly populated with folks of our generation, but this new place is actually age restricted: 40+. However, I’d bet that if any of my new neighbors are only 40, they’re living with their parents or grandparents.

One of the challenges of living in a master-planned community is dealing with homeowners’ associations. Here’s an example:

Structurally OK, our new 28 year old home needed a lot of updating when we purchased it. That meant getting some approvals from the homeowners’ association. The felt material underneath the tile roof needed to be replaced. The homeowners’ association required a sample of the old tile and a sample of the new tile. I explained that the tile was not being changed out, but temporarily removed and then re-installed. However, rules are rules. I gave in and provided two samples of the same roof tile, designating one old and one new. They were not happy. An argument ensued. Eventually, the head administrator came out of her office to join the fray. Now get this, the reason they insisted on having both old tile and new tile was to make sure that the new tile matched the old tile!

Voices were raised, and while all this was occurring some poor guy was waiting in line. The clerk excused herself to wait on him. The homeowner looked at me and then looked at her and said, “I have the same issue that he has and you guys are all wrong!” The story had a happy ending. I was granted approval to have old tile replaced with old tile as long as they were close in appearance. Duh?

Yesterday, we had what is evidently an annual neighborhood garage sale. Here’s the sign. The arrow points viewers to an official community garage sale sign. You might imagine all the 40+ residents going around the community looking for an official sign.


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