Put a fork in Halloween

I don’t GET Halloween

I’ve made some crazy commitment to blog once a day during November. Happy day after Halloween. We seem to increasingly celebrate Halloween with wild abandon. However, I don’t really buy into, and don’t much care for – Halloween!

I know it’s a great opportunity to party. I’m all for that, but without the ghoulish costumes. And don’t give me the religious reasons for Halloween, because the world’s greatest authority on everything, Wikipedia, 🙂 says that the Christians stole this holiday from pagan Gaelic traditions.

Here’s what I get from Halloween. It’s a time of year that seems to have two major objectives:

  1. People try to scare each other in the name of fun by dressing like cadavers, ghosts, and witches.
  2. Adults dress their kids up similarly, and send them out begging for candy.

Friends and relatives and even I point to how cute their sons and daughters, and nephews and nieces look in their costumes. But, you know we’re always finding reasons to call them cute anyway. For crying out loud, this is not a justification for Halloween.

I do remember at least one year as kids we all went out on Halloween begging for pennies – even nickels and dimes. All that cash went to UNICEF for a United Nations program to help children in need around the World. I think the candy idea must have had more legs.

When I rant about things, I can usually find a minority out there; maybe a couple of friends and family members, that offer sympathy (not necessarily agreement). However, I’m fairly certain that those few hangers on will desert me on this, and leave me to keep my own consul.

I conclude therefore with this final Halloween greeting:

“Halloween – Let’s put a fork in it!”



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1 Response to Put a fork in Halloween

  1. jpjones23 says:

    I’ve not been in favor of Halloween for years. When I lived where kids would come around looking for candy, I put out am empty bowl with a sign that said “Please take just one.’ I never caught any flack from kids for not participating.

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