LG Dominates KBIS2014

Builder Bytes Exclusive – LG Dominates 2014 KBIS/IBS

Here's their headline:

LG Electronics' Home Solutions Dominate 2014 Kitchen And Bath/International Builders' Show

I spent 2 days walking the floors at KBIS and IBS at the Las Vegas Convention Center and never saw an LG product – only to discover afterwards that according to Builder Bytes Magazine, LG stole the show!

How could I be so ignorant? Turns out that even though LG did not have any products on the convention floor, they had a few appliances in a model home in the parking lot of the convention center.

Go figure! I missed that booth along with the Vitamixer guy who offered free attachments if you bought at the show.

I can't tell you how embarrassed I am. You know, in my previous blog I chastised GE and Whirlpool for their failure to exhibit at the show. If only they knew that all they had to do was toss a refrigerator, range, and dishwasher into the parking lot they could DOMINATE the 2014 Kitchen And Bath/International Builders' Show.

Well, shut my mouth!!


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