Airline Merger Final – A Bad Day for Flyers

A bad day for flyers and it’s not the weather.

Dec. 9, 2013 – The US Airways merger (takeover) with American Airlines was completed today.

US Airways

This ushers in an era of fewer flights, higher prices, more delays, and in short more of the bad service that we’ve come to expect as flyers. In an age when we increasingly complain of government interference in all aspects of our life, the Department of Justice has once again given big business a free pass to violate our anti-trust laws. We are now down to 4 major air carriers in the U.S.

Oh yes, a few months ago they filed a suit to prevent the merger, but then quickly caved when the airlines gave up a few landing slots at Regan National in Washington D.C. This made Congressmen happy since they’d be able continue their regular commutes back to their districts without interruption.  So the Justice Dept. had done their job of protecting the politicians while at the same time ignoring the needs of millions of Americans.

It’s a sad day not just for frequent flyers, but for ordinary Americans who will have fewer choices and pay more for air travel.

– Art Johnson
writer, blogger, social media consulting

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