Italian Appliance brands in the U.S.

Happy Columbus Day. Buy Italian!

Italian Flag

In celebration of Columbus day it's only appropriate that we should buy an appliance made in Italy, right? Sure, I'll help you find one. Here are 5 Italian brands I was able to locate. I'd be happy to help you look for more. I love Italy.

1. Bertazzoni. This cooking brand is relatively new to the U.S., though the Bertazzoni family has been manufacturing appliances in Italy for quite some time. In a relatively short period of time, Bertazzoni has gotten some widespread distribution in the U.S. filling a niche for high-styled pro-look appliances at a price below the luxury leaders.

2. SMEG is a cousin to the Bertazzoni brand. Literally, they are cousins from the same Bertazzoni family. SMEG has made a name for itself with some 50's style colorful retro-look appliances. However, they do have a few products that compete directly with Bertazzoni. Play nice, cousins or we'll tell Grandpa Bertazzoni.

3. Elica has been around for quite some time, and they are a well known high end vent hood manufacturer. Not unexpectedly, they have some very stylish products.

4. ILVE Majestic is a brand that I just discovered. It is imported by EuroChef USA, and includes range products comparable to SMEG and Bertazzoni, but in a Dual-Fuel configuration. EuroChef says they'll soon be available in all gas, and accompanied by induction products as well. The ranges are made near Venice. I need to visit their factory soon. 🙂

5. Verona is an Italian range line that is also imported by EuroChef. Though, they share many similarities with the ILVE Majestic there are some feature differences, too.

While this should cover most of the major appliance brands made in Italy and sold in the U.S. it's worth mentioning that Northern Italy, specifically the Milan area is a hotbed of design and fashion not just for women's clothing, but also for many other products. In fact, the world's largest appliance manufacturer, Whirlpool has one of their Global Consumer Design Studios in Cassinetta, and their European headquarters is in Comeria, Italy.

Let me know if there any brands I left out or any Italian appliance news worth mentioning.

– A. Johnson



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5 Responses to Italian Appliance brands in the U.S.

  1. Falmec range hoods, Fulgor Milano cooking equipment and Fhiaba refrigeration. Happy Thanksgiving fellow Canadians!

  2. Anne says:

    Any word on fagor appliances?

    • Art Johnson says:

      Hi Anne,
      It looks like Fagor is not an Italian brand, but comes out of the Basque region of Spain, so doesn’t “qualify” for my “The Italians are coming” blog.
      However, you have now piqued my curiosity so stay tuned. Maybe, we’ll devote a future blog to this brand.

  3. clayton says:

    why does fulgor milano gas cooktops look almost identical as verona
    is one better then the other?

    • Art Johnson says:

      I can’t find a connection Clayton. Even the importers have changed a bit with Vetta now having one brand and EuroChef the other. However, you see the VERY similar appearance of some products. I’d bet money there is some cross-sourcing here. I’ll do some more digging and let you know if I can find anything else.

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