Favorite appliances from the past

Let's bring back these appliances

The Built-In Toaster and the Built-In Food Center




Here are a couple of built-in appliances from the past that were once commonplace as add-ons to high-end kitchen sales. Modern Maid's built-in toaster mounted conveniently between wall studs and popped out of the wall when needed. Back in the day, the chrome and black styling was compatible with most kitchens. Of course, a 21st century version would be stainless steel.

The heart of the Nutone Food Center was a flush to the countertop built-in power unit. The power unit accommodated a plethora of attachments such as a blender, food processor, mixer, juicer, ice crusher, meat grinder, and knife sharpener.

Each of these appliances had the space-saving benefit of helping keeping valuable counter space clutter-free. Both the food center and toaster required installation and were sold through the same channels as built-in appliances, just as the built-in coffee maker is sold today.

What do you think? Could you sell an updated version of either of these products today?

Art Johnson



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3 Responses to Favorite appliances from the past

  1. jpjones23 says:

    Hmmmm, I couldn’t because each example has, to me, shortcomings. The toaster limits one to, when it breaks, to try to find the same toaster as a replacement. After purchasing a Sears typewriter years ago only to find that the ribbons were no longer available, it nervouses me to lock myself in to a specific or limited set of options with any appliance. I would like to replace our drop-in stove / oven but because of its age and size, to do so will require that the counter supporting it be rebuilt.

    As for the built-in food center, I’d have to know the size of the below counter portion simply because it would be hard for me to give up existing under the counter storage space or let go of a drawer if the motor is shallow.

  2. valentine says:

    I grew up with both of these. The toaster was a great idea, but two failings: there was nothing preventing closing it while it was still hot/warm, and cleaning it was a bitch.

    The Nutone was/is brilliant. I have no idea why this isn’t as standard as a built-in dishwasher.

    To jpjones23: sure, the motor takes up space. So does the motor for a cuisinart, kitchen aid stand mixer, etc. I’d rather accommodate ONE motor. You do give up the space below but you also get back all of the space of those other appliances.

  3. Daniel Dureiko says:

    have the Brew Express AND the replacement of the NuTone,,,the KitchenCenter, sadly now also discontinued,,,,love the brew express,,,,6yrs old and working great would really like the toaster. keeps the counter uncluttered.

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