KBIS is Dead. Long Live KBIS.

Will Co-locating KBIS and IBS save the day?

Last year after KBIS2012 I wrote a blog titled, Is KBIS Dead? Many observers and attendees at KBIS2012 had bemoaned the greatly reduced attendance and the lack of support from suppliers, especially major appliance manufacturers.

Earlier this year the NKBA and IBS (International Builders Show) jointly announced that they would co-locate in Las Vegas in 2014 and beyond, a move that has been widely applauded.

As a follow up to my 2012 blogs, I recently posted this question regarding KBIS2013 to some related groups on LinkedIn: “Who went to KBIS? What did you think?”

I received over 20 replies. Many commented that attendence was down, and that those who did attend were more engaged and better “quality”. In addition, nearly all were looking forward to the combined show in Las Vegas with IBS in 2014. As an appliance veteran, I was surprised that very few made any mention of appliances or even noted the lack of major appliance exhibitors. Here’s what was said regarding appliances:

    “Scotsman and Vent-A-Hood were about the only (appliance) brands there and I didn’t see anything new.”
    “I was surprised at how few appliance people were there.”
    “This year, there were very few cabinet companies, no appliances (which I knew ahead of time) and nothing terribly exciting, IMO.”

Personally, I feel that while co-locating the shows is a good thing for the shows themselves, I’m concerned that this does not necessarily solve the problem of lack of support from key industry members – specifically in the major appliance industry. Certainly, this move has bought some time for KBIS, but I feel there is more to be done than just co-locating shows for the NKBA to get back on track. Time will tell.

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