New JCP Ads During the Oscars

JCPenney's risky new ads at The Oscars

Continuing to bleed cash quarter after quarter, JCPenney (JCP) embarked on a risky new advertising campaign at the 2013 Oscar Show. They had 6 new ads, including the premier 90 second Dear Dreamer commercial below.

Dear Dreamer depicts classic Americana shots with the text, “Dear Dreamers, Dear Go-Getters, Dear Supermen, Dear Brave Hearts, Dear Champions, Dear Angels, Dear America, You deserve to look better. You deserve to live better. That's what we've believed for 100 years. And we will believe for 100 more.” The shorter commercials follow a similar theme, but promote new brands featured at JCP such as Joe Fresh.

JCP is betting a lot on this expensive campaign which tugs at viewers heartstrings, hoping to use an emotional appeal to convert TV viewers into buyers. Rather than trying to woo their old base of customers JCP, like the Oscars themselves, is going after a new, much younger, hip audience. Only time will tell whether Penney's strategy will work. So far everything they've tried since hiring new CEO Ron Johnson, has only dug their hole deeper.

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