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Dale Dauten

Dale Dauten

I've written blogs based on ideas or quotes from Peter Drucker, Zig Ziglar, Steve Jobs, and Seth Godin. But in reviewing my past blogs, one of my favorites was a very short blog based on the wisdom of columnist Dale Dauten.

Be Different – Be Better

I saw a column of his recently that had another comment that hit home with me. Dauten wrote,

A decade or so ago, I made a conscious decision to change the question I asked myself from “What do I have to do today?” to “Who can I help today?” Huge difference. That's when I realized that work at its highest level is helping.”

Once your mindset changes from working to helping, you gain the freedom to always do what's right rather than what's expected.


Find out more about Dale Dauten at dauten.com


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1 Response to Dale Dauten Quote

  1. Jeff Jones says:

    Interesting, over 20 years ago I began answering my work phone with “This is Jeff, how may I help you?” I still answer my phone in the same way, even though I retired 4 or so years ago.

    One of the immediate benefits I noticed was that as soon as I answered, it resulted in establishing a relationship between myself and the other person. We effectively were on the same side of a table while the issue, problem, or objective was on the other side of the table. From that point on, we were on the same team working toward a “solution” to whatever was on the other side of the table. This was very successful.

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