How to start a business blog

3 easy steps to start blogging now


1. Secure a domain name. This is your website/blog address that people will use to find you. “”. Visit They're probably the biggest and if you can put up with their annoying marketing I think they're as good and as cheap as anybody.

2. Get a blogging content management service (CMS). I recommend WordPress. There are other good ones such as Posterous, Typepad, and Blogger, and I've used some of them. But if you stick with your blog, you'll eventually wish you'd gone to WordPress so you might as well start there to begin with.

You'll need to choose between and a self-hosted WordPress blog. can have you up and running in no time and at no cost. The service is free, even though there are upgrade opportunities. It's an all-in-one solution vs a self-hosted blog where WordPress is your platform, but a different provider hosts the site itself. Though is a great way to get started, there are several critical limitations to your ability to run a serious blog.

By using a self-hosted WordPress blog, all the choices and options are up to you. However, you will have to pay for the hosting. It's not much. Let's just say that the basic cost of the domain name and hosting service will be well under $100 for the year. I'm currently using, but I'll soon be moving to a self-hosted WordPress blog.

3. Begin writing. Blog often. You should post one high quality blog each week, and shoot for additional blogs of varying length during the week. Some bloggers write daily blogs, but I think that is too frequent for a business oriented blog. Writing seems like the easiest part, but it appears that the primary reason blogs fail is because of neglect. If you make the commitment to begin blogging be prepared to stick with it. If you feel that you might have trouble coming up with weekly content, consider having a third party do the writing. Call me if you get stuck.

-Art Johnson

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