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Black Friday Results – Who knew?

Black Friday Mystery The figures are in, the pundits have spoken, and here are the definitive results – maybe: 1. Black Friday Sales were down. Black Friday – Friday retail sales were down 1.8% over the previous year according to … Continue reading

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Curing the Curse of Knowledge in Training

Knowing When Trainees need a KISS. In our last blog we discussed the Curse of Knowledge dilemma in training. Trainers often know too much. Since they can't remember what it was like NOT to know, they become ineffective at teaching … Continue reading

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Training Programs and The Curse of Knowledge

Is it better not to know too much? When working for a manufacturer, I asked a group of product trainers, “How important is it to have a thorough knowledge of a product in order to be effective as a trainer?” … Continue reading

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How to start a business blog

3 easy steps to start blogging now 1. Secure a domain name. This is your website/blog address that people will use to find you. “”. Visit They're probably the biggest and if you can put up with their annoying … Continue reading

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Three ugly truths about appliance sales on Black Friday

Appliance buyers and sellers beware Black Friday While shoppers love those Midnight Specials, and fight to get through the doors of the big box stores for the lowest price electronics and kitchen gadgets, appliance purchases can be another matter. Here … Continue reading

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Is your internet marketing strategy headed for trouble?

The New Internet Marketing Mantra Quit looking for customers. Make it easy for customers to find you. We've heard it all before, dismissed it, and gone on doing the same things we've been doing, only with more enthusiasm. This time … Continue reading

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