Your Training Problem

Do you think that you have a training problem?

I don't think so. If you went to the hospital with a broken arm and they put a cast on your arm would you say that you have a cast problem?

Training is a solution to a problem, not the problem itself. It's not just semantics. A cast works for a broken arm, but not for a broken heart. Training is only successful when it is prescribed for a specific situation where it will solve a problem.

Suppose your competition opens a location across the street. She has better selection, lower prices, free delivery, and ….well you get it. In response, you add an hour each week to the schedule for more training of your sales force. I know this sounds stupid, but it happens. Training is often used in an attempt to cure an illness that that is not curable with a training solution. When it doesn't work, the blame falls to the training.

In future blogs, we'll look at various ways that you can analyze where the pain points are to find out which solutions might work best for your organization. We'll also look at setting training objectives and measuring training success. You can get regular email updates to this blog by clicking on the follow button on this page.

For a free training needs assessment contact me at or 480 249-4128.

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