PCBC2012 Exhibit – A few of my favorite things

Intelligent Innovation

I like innovation that just makes sense. These are products that you look at and “get” right away. Here are two items that I saw at the 2012 PCBC that fit my definition of Intelligent Innovation:


Doesn't need much explaining does it? Unlock your door with the key fob, use the digital keypad, or if you're really old-fashioned even a key will work. Simple Key = Simplicikey.


Need to charge your iPhone or iPad? Where the heck did you leave the charging device? Not to worry. With U-Socket if you can't find your charger or if Junior is using it, you can plug in with nothing but your USB adapter. It's a clever socket too. U-Socket automatically senses the correct voltage for your device and provides just the amount of power necessary.

For more information click on the website links below:

SimpliciKey | The Remote Control Electronic Deadbolt

FastMac | Product – U-Socket


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