Do you prefer A La Carte Pricing or All Inclusive?


Would you rather have your Jamaican “all included” vacation where all meals, drinks, even scuba diving, and golf are included in the price? Or, would you prefer to book your hotel, and pay for your meals, drinks, and activities as you used them?

Allegiant airlines recently announced that it will begin charging up to $35 for using the overhead bins. The low price airline already charges for making your reservations online, charges for a coke, and even charges for the privilege of selecting a seat – any seat.

These are two extemes of different pricing models. Which do you prefer? Why? Make your choice in the comments section below. I’ll post a scorecard next week.


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1 Response to Do you prefer A La Carte Pricing or All Inclusive?

  1. Jeffrey Park Jones says:

    I don’t like package deals as they always include things I don’t care about. However, I would find it tough to fly via Allegiant Airlines simnply because their low fare may not be once all the extra fees are added. One can pay from $0 to $60 to select a seat at time of booking.

    My preference is to pay as I go because this way I select what I want. However, I don’t expect to pay through the nose for things that ought to be included. I’d not buy a car and then expect to pay an extra $100 per wheel to be able to travel across town.

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