Definition of Insanity…

…Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. After over thirty years in this business it amazes me to see big companies repeat their mistakes. One thing I’ve never understood is how they can identify a problem, for example low sales volume, and then apply a remedy that makes the problem worse, for example reduce the sales force.

If you throw a rock into a lake, you’ll discover that it doesn’t float. If you throw a smaller rock into the lake do you then expect that it will float?

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2 Responses to Definition of Insanity…

  1. Ken Rieman says:

    You speak the truth Art. Like all public companies it’s the bottom line that trumps all and never mind the 100 years experience in the business, listen instead to a consulting company who promises to cut costs and add to the bottom line…for now. The effects of this won’t be seen for another 6 months but could have lasting consequences.

  2. Jeffrey Park Jones says:

    Good job Art. I like the smaller stone analogy. The spring training crisis paragraph reminded me that I developed the process, procedures and job aids for projects across the corporation to address disaster recovery. It’s interesting that so many firms don’t take the time to consider these critical business needs.

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