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Eye-Fi. It’s really cool. – an unsolicited, unpaid endorsement

I’ve had an Eye-Fi card for my point and shoot camera for about a year now. Sometimes I forget it is there because it works so seamlessly. However, when I stop to think about it, I am just amazed that … Continue reading

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Vote on J.C.Penney new pricing strategy.

Conventional wisdom says that to succeed in the mass retail department store arena, you must agressively promote discounts using a high-low pricing strategy. This led Penney’s to 590 promotions in 2011 so that 73 percent of revenues were at a … Continue reading

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Another Bad Merger Idea

US Airways is seeking a takeover of bankrupt American Airlines. This is not just a bad deal for US Airways, but further airline consolidation is bad for the flying public. Less competition means fewer choices, fewer flights, and higher prices. … Continue reading

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How productive are you?

Seth Godin is a favorite of mine. Here is an excellent blog of his. Please click on the link below for the text that accompanies this graphic. How much time do you spend actually performing your job vs. doing other … Continue reading

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When cost cutting backfires.

An article by James Surowiecki in this week’s New Yorker Magazine highlights the problems with excessive cost-cutting by retailers. In the drive to keep labor costs low evidence shows that retailers often hire too few salespeople and pay them too … Continue reading

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Ask yourself these 5 questions about your job.

WHEN IS IT TIME TO LEAVE? The NY Times carried executive director Greg Smith’s comments on leaving Goldman Sachs. The article went viral. Here are ┬ásome lessons for us all on deciding when it is time to go. I’ve excerpted … Continue reading

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Be Better – Be Different

Columnist and author Dale Dauten once wrote, “Different isn’t always better, but better is always different.” This pithy aphorism deserves some serious thought. The fox in the photo may be safe (for now), but by definition if we want to … Continue reading

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Analyzing rising gas prices Part 2 – the surprising results.

On Sunday (Mar 11), we blogged about Martha’s conversation with George over her suggestion that she trade in her 30 MPG vehicle for a 40 MPG vehicle. George retorted that he’d rather trade in his gas guzzling 10 MPG monster … Continue reading

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Analyzing rising gas prices

George and Martha were discussing the impact of rising gasoline prices on their budget. Martha suggested that with $5.00 per gallon gas prices on the horizon she should trade in her existing 30 MPG vehicle on a 40 MPG hybrid. … Continue reading

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Pricing iPads – A Winning Strategy for Apple

Apple launched its new iPad on Wednesday (Mar 7) starting at $499. But they kept the existing iPad2 beginning model in the line at a reduced price of $399 – smart move. Marketers call this a flanking tactic. Apple protects … Continue reading

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