Welcome to The Insights-2-Ignite blog

Hello and thanks for joining this conversation. I’m Art Johnson. I have a background in appliance sales and marketing over the last 3 decades, as well as an interest in training and education (10 years as an adjunct faculty member teaching MBA students). I’ll be making regular posts to this blog each week, sharing thoughts, observations, and anecdotes. I hope you’ll join me by posting your comments and opinions. Together we can share ideas and develop insights to help ignite our business.


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5 Responses to Welcome to The Insights-2-Ignite blog

  1. Bruce Cadger says:

    Well done Art. I have some ideas for topics for your blog.

  2. Pam Davis says:

    Looking forward to your blog.

  3. Lowell Vick says:

    Art – great idea for creating positive energy in an unstable environment.

    ‘You must become the change you wish to see”

  4. Bruce Cadger says:

    Hi Art. What is your take on the recent moves by several manufacturers abandoning regional distributors in favor of the large multi-regional distributors or , in some cases, bypassing distributors altogether? Do you see this as a positive move with regards to servicing the appliance dealer network? Do you see this as a trend that will continue?

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