My New Blog: I’m back!

It’s been a few years since I’ve blogged on this site. Now, I’m back! What brings me here is Facebook. I believe that Facebook is often not the best venue for posting thoughtful comments, to take a political stand, or to express a strongly held opinion.

From now on, when I have the urge to blast out my dislike for Trump, to express other political viewpoints, or to speak out on any other topic that might take more than a few words to express; you’ll find me here.

My plan is to post a link to these blog posts on Facebook. Anybody, who wants to see what I have to say can click on the link to be directed here. Others can just move on to the latest Facebook photo of my dog, AZ weather report, family news/photos, vacation plans, and other common Facebook comments.



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Choosing Among Different Types of Washing Machines

Top Loading Agitator Washer

Top load agitator washers are traditional washers that your mom and grandma used. This design is still a popular choice for many. The center post agitator rotates back and forth swishing the water through the clothes and the clothes through the water. Advantages are that they generally cost less than an equivalent newer style HE (high efficiency) washer or front loading washer. The disadvantages to top load washers are that they use more water and detergent, and are tougher on your clothes.

Top Loading HE Washer







These washers do not have a high post agitator. Instead, there is an impeller plate at the bottom of the tub that gently moves and lifts the clothes through the water. These machines use far less water and detergent than agitator-type washers, and are better for your clothes. HE washers are more expensive than the equivalent agitator type washers. They are better for the environment since there is less dirty water and detergent to dispose of for each load. HE top loaders take more time to wash your clothes than traditional agitator style washing machines.

Front Loading Washer

Choosing a front load washer is often the most expensive option initially, but can be the best choice in the long run.  Front loaders use the least amount of water and detergent, do a great job of getting clothes clean, and at the same time are easy on your clothes. In addition, the tumble action during the final rinse removes a great deal of the water and shortens dry time. Some users don’t like the fact that clothes can come out of the washer wadded up.

Another advantage of front load laundry equipment is that they can be stacked, saving a lot of space in a crowded laundry room. 

Other Options

If space is really critical, you could purchase a single cavity washer/dryer, or a laundry center – a single unit with dryer stacked on top of the washer. 








As always, you should consult with the experts at Arizona Wholesale for the option that suits you best. 


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All-In-One Washer & Dryer from Whirlpool

Whirlpool is arguably the largest appliance manufacturer in the World. Headquartered near where it was founded in the Western Michigan town of Benton Harbor, the company began making washing machines in the early 1900’s. Today, Whirlpool still is a leader in automatic washers and dryers.

In this posting, we’re featuring Whirlpool’s All-in-One Washer & Dryer. Whirlpool’s “combination” stacked laundry centers are well-known and have been a favorite for consumer’s lacking the space for separate side by side washer and dryer for many years. 

However, Whirlpool’s Smart All-In-One Washer & Dryer is different. This is a washer and dryer in a single unit. The washer cylinder and dryer drum are one in the same… “all-in-one”. While this configuration is not unique, it is fair to say that it is not very common.


Here is Whirlpool’s description of this appliance:

This compact two-in-one combo fits in small spaces to replace an apartment washer and dryer. The ventless design allows installation virtually anywhere. You can even do laundry from your smartphone, and the Load & Go™ Plus dispenser lets you skip detergent and fabric softener refills for 20 loads.

One obvious advantage for a washer/dryer combination like this is that you don’t need to transfer clothes from one machine to another. In fact, when the washing cycle is complete the appliance begins drying immediately. In addition, Whirlpool’s Load & Go™ bulk dispensing system relieves the owner from adding detergent or other chemicals with each load. Of course, in today’s smartphone era users can not only control this appliance remotely, the appliance will send an alert when the laundry is complete. No…you still have to remove the clothes and do the folding yourself. 🙂

Other high tech benefits include an option called Amazon Dash Replenishment which senses that detergent is low and can automatically order more. There’s more…much more, but we’ll save the discovery fun of all this to you.

What are the disadvantages of this “all-in-one” appliance? One obvious disadvantage is that you can’t be washing a second load in the washer while the first load is drying. You need to go through a complete wash AND dry cycle before you can start a second load. Of course, to some extent you can’t replace the dryer without replacing the washer, and vice versa. In fact, dryers typically have a longer lifespan than washers, so this might be a concern say if your washer fails after 8-10 years, and your dryer still has another 8-10 years to go!

For more information on this ingenious appliance call or visit the nearest Arizona Wholesale location today.

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More Appliance Finishes from Maytag

We’ve recently written about Frigidaire’s Smudge Proof Stainless Steel, KitchenAid’s Black Stainless Steel, GE’s Slate appliances, Samsung’s Tuscan finish, Viking’s Graphite Grey, Whirlpool’s White Ice and the bright appliance colors from BlueStar or Bertazzoni. 

Now, we are highlighting two new finishes from Maytag: Maytag Cast Iron, and Maytag Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel.

Maytag Cast Iron Black

Maytag describes their Cast Iron Black as a “finely textured, matte finish…engineered to stand up to everyday scratches, minor dents and fingerprints that build up over time.” It’s a powder coating matte finish with a grit mixed in to give the base metal a tough exterior. Cast Iron Black will not only be resistant to fingerprints, but should hide those smudges, small dents and scratches. Inspired by Grandma’s Cast iron pots and pans, the tough black surface will fit well in most kitchen environments.

“Our new Cast Iron Black finish is as tough as it is timeless,” says Allison Gillespie, Maytag Senior Brand Manager. “It gives your kitchen a sleek and powerful look, while keeping your perishables cold, your dishes clean and your dinner hot.” 

If you’re concerned about the durability of Cast Iron Black, here’s what Maytag has to say about the strength of this new finish: 

“Built to last, Cast Iron Black endured over 1,000 hours of testing to make sure it can stand up to the everyday.”

Maytag Smudge-Resistant Stainless Steel





MYC_26146_Maytag Brand Cooking FRSS Feature_Fnl_720.mp4

Fingerprints on stainless steel appliances are by far the biggest complaint about stainless steel appliances. Maytag’s new Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel appliances are the latest in the “smudge-proof” category. While Maytag is super cautious in using the terms “smudge-proof or “fingerprint-free”, their new stainless steel appliances resist the oils on your hands, and perform well when compared to other (Frigidaire) brands touting Smudge-Proof TM Stainless Steel.

Of course, the point is that with new Maytag Smudge-Resistant Stainless Steel appliances you won’t have to spend all that time polishing the stainless steel in your kitchen to remove smudges and fingerprints. How do you know if the stainless steel appliance you are buying is Smudge-Resistant? Most Maytag appliances that come in Stainless Steel are Smudge-Resistant. Range hoods are not Smudge-Resistant. Check the product specifications or ask your sales associate.

For more information on Maytag or other fine brands for your home, call or visit the experts at Arizona Wholesale today.


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Appliance Colors in 2019

We recently posted a blog covering three new appliance finishes available in 2019:

Durable Appliance Finishes in 2019

  • Smudge-Proof Stainless Steel
  • Slate
  • Black Stainless Steel

Today, in addition to appliance finishes, we’re going to look at some of the appliance colors available in 2019:

If you like the Slate line from GE, but are looking for a more premium line, Viking has launched Graphite Grey.

Viking Graphic Grey

It’s certainly not the same as GE’s Slate, but just like Slate, Graphite Grey is a neutral color that will work with just about anything. Samsung has a shade not as dark as Black Stainless, but darker than Slate. They call it Tuscan. There are limited models, and Samsung appears to be the only brand offering this particular blackish tint. 

Samsung Tuscan Finish







At the other extreme, several brands are offering some bright finishes like Yellow or Purple that can give a POP of color to your kitchen. Here you might want to look at BlueStar, or Bertazzoni to brighten things up. When it comes to these brands, you’re not likely to find the appliance you want in the color you want available in stock. These are special orders so order ahead, and be prepared to wait.

Bertazzoni Custom Yellow






Bluestar Purple

A few years ago, Whirlpool, relaunched the familiar white color, in a bright lacquered finish they call White Ice, accented with shining stainless handles.

Whirlpool White Ice







Now, Whirlpool has added a new appliance finish, that have dubbed Sunset Bronze.

Whirlpool Sunset Bronze

It’s made by color blocking over stainless steel, to create a durable bronzed finish with the texture of stainless steel. If your preference goes to darker shades, the luxury brand Miele has launched Truffle Brown.

For more information about appliance brands and colors call or visit the experts at Arizona Wholesale today.


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Art Johnson, Author at Arizona Wholesale Supply

Source: Art Johnson, Author at Arizona Wholesale Supply

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GE Sells Appliance Unit to Chinese Firm, Haier

$5.4 Billion Sale Follows Failed Deal With Electrolux


General Electric has announced the sale of its appliance division to the Chinese firm, Haier for 5.4 billion dollars. The sale includes GE's 48% share of Mabe, a Mexican based appliance firm. GE's previous attempt to sell its appliance operation to Swedish-based Electrolux Appliances was opposed by the U.S. antitrust authorities, and eventually terminated.

It's highly unlikely this sale will face such opposition, since Haier does not have a significant U.S. market share in large appliances such as full-sized washers, dryers, refrigerators, and ranges. This is good news for U.S. workers. While the sale to Electrolux was sure to bring some factory closings due to plant redundancies, Haier does not have the same large scale appliance manufacturing facilities in the U.S.

While GE had several very good options, this appears to be a very straightforward transaction, and GE got a nice increase in the sale price over the 3.3 billion dollars they would have received in the Electrolux deal.

There are many who would have preferred that GE Appliances would have remained U.S. owned, but there just aren't other US appliance firms that would be viable candidates. A spinoff might have been possible, but $5.4 billion must have seemed a lot better to GE.

Congratulations to GE Appliance management. They have a great team, and this deal should keep them fairly well intact, as well as thousands of factory workers.


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U.S. Sues to Stop Electrolux – GE Appliance Merger

FEDS Sue to Stop Electrolux Deal with GE Appliances

In a shocking move, the U.S. Department of Justice filed a lawsuit yesterday seeking to prevent the 3.3 billion dollar sale of the GE Appliance business to Electrolux.

According to Chris Kenning of the Louisville Courier-Journal

The suit argues the move could lead to price increases as the combined company dominates sales of kitchen appliances to customers like home builders, property managers, hotels and government”.

Evidently, the big appliance retailers just sighed and shed a tear, but the big guys on the contract side of purchasing appliances weren’t afraid of going up against the big guys building all the appliances. As I have written before, monopoly is a bad deal – duopoly isn’t so great either with GE/Electrolux and Whirlpool dominating the contract side of the appliance industry (and also segments of the retail appliance industry sales).

I’m sure that there is more good data coming, so I don’t want to jump the gun. However, I’ve written about how bad the airline mergers were for the flying public, and also pointed out that GE selling their appliance business to Electrolux would be a bad thing for appliance buyers. Click on the links below:

GE Attempt at Deception Doesn’t Fool Anyone

US Appliance Manufacturer Selling Out

Who will buy GE’s appliance division?

The only surprise here is that the Feds are fighting the acquisition. My guess is they’re buoyed by “encouragement” from the building industry.

Time will tell.

P.S. It looks like Electrolux thinks that disposing of the Hotpoint brand will solve the problem. I really hope that the Feds can see through this for the canard that it is.


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Tree Lighting Ceremony At Rockefeller Center

Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center

On next Wednesday, December 3rd, the 2014 Rockefeller Center Christmas tree will be lit for the first time. Overlooking the ice rink, and the gilded statue of Prometheus, the tree will remain the centerpiece for Rockefeller Center until the lights are turned off on January 7th, 2015.

A large tree has been erected in Rockefeller Center since 1933. ranging from 69 ft. to 100 ft. tall. The tree is almost always a Norway Spruce. A 9.5ft. diameter, 550lb “Swarovski Star” will be placed at the top of the tree, accompanied by 45,000 LED lights that are draped on the tree's branches.

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree photographed in December 1987, a 75 ft (23 m) high Norway Spruce decorated with 18,000 lights.



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When to buy Christmas presents

Black Friday not always best for Christmas purchases.

It’s nice to brag about the killer price you got by shopping a midnight Black Friday sale, and while that is great news when factual, the truth is that today’s Black Friday price on a KitchenAid mixer is the same as last year’s price.

The Wall Street Journal hired a research company to analyze prices for two plus years to determine when prices for certain items and categories went up or down over time. While the researcher did confirm that for some item prices were lowest early in the holiday season, significantly this is often not the best time to purchase many products.

For example, the lowest price of a Samsung LCD big screen TV was actually in October, and went up almost $200 on Black Friday. According to the WSJ,

“It turns out that gifts from Barbie dolls to watches to blenders are often priced below Black Friday levels at various times throughout the year, even during the holiday season, and their prices follow different trajectories as the remaining shopping days tick down.”

For example, luxury items such as jewelry and watches tend to spike up throughout the holiday season. The Citizen watch tracked by the research firm does not change in model number or style each year. Also, luxury items such as this are often last minute purchases and not very likely to be price-shopped on Christmas Eve.

So, if you scored big time on Black Friday good for you, but if you’re still looking for a deal don’t worry. If you can wait long enough for that Citizen watch the lowest price in over two years was in March.


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